Digestive issues, depression, self-abusive behaviours

I have been a client of Eugenie’s for 2 years or so. When I first came to her practice, I was severely depressed, lonely, self-abusive, and struggled with severe digestive issues that made my life unbearable. Over time, with her help and friendship (which I am extremely grateful for) I have completely transformed into a new person. I have been able to heal my past, and in doing so, I have almost completely eliminated digestive issues that once stopped me from leaving the house. I am able to feel joyful about my life and feel a sense of love and respect for myself that I couldn’t before. Thank you, Eugenie.


Grief, self-esteem issues, relationship difficulties, search for life purpose

I just wanted to write a quick note to thank you with all of my heart for everything this morning… You helped me to find myself again and remember who I am…It feels like everything has been ‘churned up’ and lots of things rising to the surface. I guess I feel like I am really beginning a new part of my life, I am not the person I was a year ago, and yesterday you helped me to start letting go of the old me.


Stress, digestive issues, self-esteem issues

Dear Eugenie, from the first time I spoke with you, I felt that you possessed special qualities. You are very knowledgeable, empathetic, calm and reassuring. On each occasion I have contacted you, I felt so much ‘lighter’ and optimistic after I had spoken with you. You have always given answers to my questions and I hope I can continue to use your services.


Depression, childhood trauma, low self-esteem

Dear Eugenie, I am so happy that I saw you last Saturday. My heart zone is tender, but it has begun to feel warm again. And I carry a lighter burden on shoulders. I feel that now I have entered a new phase in my life. I am more able to see the funny things in life and go around without that constant pain in my chest. I didn’t even realize how depressed I was. I don’t know when I will be able to see you again. It was a real blessing to meet you. A big thank you and I wish you all the best for the rest of this year.


Reiki Training

Dear Eugenie!

It is hard to believe that it is now over five weeks since I spent that wonderful Saturday with you and Karen. I have been, as always, very busy but even on my long working days, I have tried to at least take a few minutes to do Kenyoku-ho before I settle to bed. There was not been a day yet when I have not done some small practice and I have read through the manual and re-read several small areas over and over again to remind myself of what you have written. I found the last section about the Chakras and Meridians very helpful (even though I have some knowledge of them from previous reading) as I find that section really complements the previous sections.

I still don’t know exactly where I will be using Reiki in my life, though I have been using it daily for three weeks now on my horse who has been unwell and confined to his stable. He is the first recipient of my new found skills. I can’t say I see results from my treatment that could not be explained by his medication and rest, but I trust that I am adding to his recovery none the less.

Enough of me. How did I find the course?

I find your manual really clear, well set and very helpful. It covers a lot of information in a very readable way, and explanations are clear and simple to follow. And, as said above, I think, the end section really helps as groundwork to explain how it is that Reiki energy can influence healing through the body.

I enjoyed the training day very much! You made a great deal of information clear and understandable, in a relaxed and friendly way. It was good to have a ‘partner’ there for each of us to have a ‘body’ to work on. But I am glad there were only two of us, as I feel a bigger group might have made it difficult to learn and take in as much. I also feel that the ‘intimacy’ of the ceremonies would have felt less ‘held’ and personal if more people would have present. Altogether I feel you conducted a very friendly and professionally prepared and presented job of teaching me. Thank you!


Depression and insomnia

Was very hopeful when a friend recommended that I should go for a consultation with Eugenie….after one session I felt better than I have in years! Her insights were so accurate, …and her treatment has worked miracles in my life…I feel stronger and more focused and sleeping better after years of insomnia. Very grateful!