Therapy Agreement

This agreement is between You, the client, and Eugenie Young, the therapist.

All work is being undertaken under the laws and ethical guidelines of the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland).


Eugenie Young is a private holistic therapist residing in Forres, Scotland.

E-mail: or

Tel:  +44 (0)7807290032. 


Eugenie Young is a member of the professional body for holistic therapists, the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT), abiding by the Codes of Conduct and Professional Practice of the organisation. You can view a copy of the FHT’s code of practice here

Our Mutual Commitment


This agreement is legally binding. If you disagree with or misunderstand any items in this document, please get in touch with me for clarifications before signing it.

  • I, Eugenie Young, agree to offer you the necessary treatment, subject to me being assured that your problem can be alleviated with the therapies I provide.
  • You consent to receive my services for as long as you need them and can terminate your therapy without further cost at any time you wish.



Sessions take place at the Healthworks Holistic Care Centre located: 5 Bank Lane Forres, Moray, Scotland, IV36 1NU, or remotely via Zoom, Phone, and WhatsApp.

New clients and clients returning with a new issue or after a long break must submit the Consultation Consent Form before the initial consultation, which can be found here.

  • I  often combine several therapeutic modalities in a single session. Please read about therapies I offer on the Therapies page. 


  • All appointments are a flat rate of £60 per hour charged pro-rata for shorter appointments.
  • Vibrational remedy by post is also valued at £60 including P&P.

Your session must be paid at least 48 hours in advance of your appointment. 

If you haven’t paid within the 48-hour window prior to your session, your appointment will be cancelled.

If you cancel your appointment with less than 24 hours’ notice or fail to attend a 50% charge of your regular fee will apply.


  • Vibrational therapy can be booked as a consultation + remedy (required for new issues). Please book a 30- or 60-minute consultation and a vibrational remedy.
  • If I am already treating the problem, a remedy can be ordered without the consultation.
  • You can request to extend the length of your sessions (subject to time availability) at the cost of £15 for each additional 15 minutes.
  • You can also book shorter appointments lasting between 15 minutes and 30 minutes.



If you are struggling financially, on a low income, or receiving benefits, you can request a discount.

  • Please contact me to request a discount
  • Please note, 50% discount only applies to 50-minute services. 

Payment Methods and Conditions


Please pay for your appointment at least 24 hours in advance of your session. 

  • You can pay for your session via the Fees page using PayPal. Alternatively, you can transfer the payment directly via PayPal to You don’t need a PayPal account to use this service. Simply proceed as a guest t the checkout.
  • Bank transfers can also be made to Eugenie Young (please request the payment details)
  • If payment is not received before your session without a prior agreement, I may cancel your appointment.

Privacy and Confidentiality


I am required to keep notes of sessions with my clients and keep confidentiality as per the Codes of Ethics and Data Protection regulations.

  • Information you disclose in our sessions remains strictly confidential, with exceptions mandated by law and ethical guidelines (please refer to the Exceptions to Confidentiality Agreement section below).
  • Client and therapist agree not to record sessions. However, notes can be taken.
  • We also will endeavour to meet in a private and undisturbed space during our sessions.
  • I take notes during and after each session, which I will keep in accordance with the Data Protection Act (1998) and the requirements of my governing body, FHT, and my insurer, the Balens.
  • All notes will be securely stored in a password-protected computer or a lockable cabinet and kept for a minimum of seven years. You can request your records to be amended (e.g. name, address, etc.) or destroyed after the period of seven years has passed. Please request it in writing or by e-mail.
  • To ensure the highest level of confidentiality and protection, I use end-to-end encrypted e-mails for our communication. You can also set up an encrypted protonmail account if you wish to keep our contact safe. It is free and easy to set up.

Exceptions to Confidentiality Agreement


There are exceptions when confidentiality is required to be breached by law.

  • Confidentiality may be breached if I consider there is a risk of you harming yourself or others. In such exceptional circumstances, where there is a concern for your well being or that of others, it may be necessary to seek help outside the therapeutic relationship. In an event where I am considering breaching confidentiality, I will generally discuss it with you first.
  • Confidentiality will be breached in the case of a disclosure concerning acts of terrorism, vulnerable adult or child protection issues, or drug trafficking. Such disclosures will be passed onto the relevant authority without delay.
  • I will have to share your therapy notes if required under a court of law subpoena by insurance companies or ethical bodies.
  • Please exercise due consideration before disclosing anything of a previously unreported criminal nature, as I am obligated to contact appropriate authorities.

Therapeutic Relationship


For safety and effectiveness, our relationship will remain professional and mutually respectful at all times.

  • You can arrange, re-arrange, or cancel your appointments by e-mail, phone, text, or WhatsApp. Problems and health issues will not be addressed via text, messages, etc. You can book a short 15-30-minute consultation if you need to discuss your issue between sessions.
  • If you find that you are in an urgent need of emotional support between sessions, please contact your GP. You can also contact free confidential services: Samaritans on 116 123 or via the email: or Breathing Space on 0800 83 85 87. For medical mental health support, call NHS 111.  

Ending the Therapy and Therapy Breaks


we will seek to end therapy in a way that will allow its benefits to be preserved and lasting.

  • Therapy can be demanding and emotional. You may, at times, find this process very difficult and feel the need to end your treatment. I will ask for your feedback at the end of each session. If you feel unhappy with any aspects of the therapy, please do try and communicate this to me. This gives us both the chance to address and resolve any issues.
  • In the ordinary course of events, you will probably know when you are ready to finish your treatment, and we will agree together on how we can best conclude our work.
  • I will not suddenly or without warning terminate our contract, except in exceptional circumstances, which would become apparent in the course of our work together. We will discuss this at the time.
  • Please note that any threats or acts of violence will invalidate this agreement, and our work will cease. Sessions will not occur if you come to your session under the influence of alcohol or non-prescribed medication.
  • I will notify you of any holidays in advance. However, there may also be occasions when I cancel your sessions at short notice due to illness, training, or meetings. I will try to give you as much notice as possible of any cancellation and offer an alternative time. Therefore, please notify me of any change in contact details.



I cannot promise any outcome of your therapy. However, I promise you that I will provide my services to the best of my ability, with integrity, care, regard, and high moral standards.

  • If, for whatever reason, you are unhappy with my work, please discuss it with me.
  • If, however, you feel unable to do so or do not receive a satisfactory resolution, you have the right to complain to my professional body, the FHT.116