Spiritual matters

A wonderful person and loving healer!


Thank you!

Eugenie is beautiful human being and I’m very fortunate to have found her. Thanks for all your help over the years, you are amazing at what you do ❤️



Eugenie is an incredibly intuitive, kind and effective counsellor and therapist. She helped my son in a big way when he was in a dark and lonely place. Her compassion and generosity know no bounds!


Life coaching, spiritual growth

Eugenie had the remarkable talent of being able to see to the core of my problem, using an effective blend of mainstream psychology and other modalities that complement each other perfectly. Her approach was flexible: soft, listening and understanding on the one hand, yet, when required, hard, directive and precise. She showed me the harsh reality of how my disorders impact me and, equally importantly, those around me. Working with Eugenie helped me make positive changes to both myself and my environment, allowing me to live a more satisfying life. Even just understanding and accepting that I have a problem was relieving, and I am confident that, following Eugenie’s advice, I will continue to see my life become better. Thank you, Eugenie, for all that you’ve done for me.


Life caching, counselling, energy work

(Translated by Google) For more than ten years now, I have been discovering the world of vibrations with your help. Thank you so much for putting so much time and effort into studying so many types of energy healing! I remember how I was sitting in your office and while you were diagnosing me, I watched you: o) You were completely immersed in a real, beautiful, creative process, where you used several techniques at the same time. Thank you very much for always helping in difficult moments – you remove physical and mental pain! That you are sharing your knowledge and trying to teach people to understand and heal themselves! I wish this world – more people like you! And to you – from the bottom of my heart – love!

(Original) Вот уже более десяти лет я открываю для себя мир вибраций с твоей помощью. Спасибо тебе огромное, что столько времени и сил ты отдала на изучение стольких видов энергетического лечения! Помню, как сидела у тебя в рабочем кабинете и пока ты проводила мне диагностику, я наблюдала за тобой :о) Ты была полностью погружена в настоящий, красивый, творческий процесс, где задействовала несколько методик одновременно. Спасибо огромное, что в трудные моменты ты всегда помогаешь – снимаешь физическую и душевную боль! Что делишься своими знаниями и пытаешься научить людей самих себя понимать и лечить! Я желаю этому миру – больше таких людей, как ты! А тебе – от всего сердца – любви!



Anxiety, depression, spiritual growth

She was amazing she helped me through my absolute anxiety and depression when I was in my awkward 20 21 years . she guided me through it and helped me through with her spiritual abilities to see too.


Life caching 

I am very grateful to have found Eugenie, she has helped me so much over the years, and has given me hope I can live a more positive and healthy life. Eugenie has a rare gift of really listening and pinpointing issues, she is very kind, understanding, a highly skilled counsellor and wonderful healer who I thoroughly recommend. Thank you Eugenie!



Thank you!

I want to say a huge thank you for all the great job you have been doing first and foremost of love for people: you have studied numerous methods of “alternative” medicine, discovering  the world of vibrational medicine for yourself and for the ones around you, helping others to understand the way it works, and most importantly for not being afraid to follow a completely new route; for the fact that this thirst of yours to help others has inspired you to look for other ways of  healing people, and you have managed to find time to study yet more and more new methods.

I had the opportunity to experience the impact of both your energy (meant direct energy healing) and the healing energy around you, albeit at the very early stages of your “career” of a healer. But even then, when all your diagnostics was based on intuition alone, the results were simply amazing – a huge influx of vital energy, mood elevation, the disappearance (sometimes partial, sometimes complete) of current symptoms of the disease, and most importantly lightness in the soul (‘heart’), which we rarely experience in our everyday life.

I recommend you to all my friends and acquaintances. And I can only envy those who decide to have a session with you, as meeting you will mean the door to the wonderful world of radiant vibrations will open for them.



Reiki training

I have just completed my training & initiation into Reiki 1st Degree & was AMAZED! Not only by how I felt afterwards but also that we already have this gift, we just need some support & guidance in learning how to use it to effectively.

I am having some amazing results when working on my families energy, as well as my own, but I am also now able to start challenging how I live my life day to day.  I am feeling more grounded, happy & content in my own skin & have no doubt this will continue as I grow.

The day itself was a fantastic experience, made all the better by Eugenie’s patience, understanding, explanations & support.  She also continues to “check-in” to see how I’m getting on & offer more guidance. I definitely don’t feel alone in this & know she is there for me.

There were some laughs & some tears during the day but most of all there was lots of love.  Something I am looking forward to passing onto others whose energy I have the privilege of working with.

Thank you, Eugenie, for being such an inspiration!


Depression, emotional and self-esteem issues

Before I went to see Eugenie I struggled with self-esteem issues and something like depression. I didn’t know what the causes of these issues were, or how to deal with them. It was recommended to me, by a family member, that I go see Eugenie because they believed she could help. While I was initially unsure about Holistic medicine, I am so happy I went and received treatment.

Eugenie showed me what the causes of these issues were, and has since helped me with overcoming them and be at peace with myself. I know as a result of this, I am a happier and more fulfilled person.

Thank you, Eugenie, you are a blessing.