Feeling of hopelessness and fear over multiple health issues, stress, anxiety, digestive issues, asthma

Dear Eugenie, within a minute of meeting you I knew I had found the person I’d been searching for. I am still trying to process all the information and feelings I experienced while with you, and your accuracy in pinpointing events that had happened to me still gives me goosebumps. You were so warm and caring I immediately felt safe and your encouragement has given me confidence, and I would like to find some way to use the gifts I have been blessed with.

Thank you from my heart for the work you do, and how you have filled a hole in my life and given me an understanding of why I am the way I am. That is priceless and will help me find my true purpose for being here. I came to you looking for physical healing, but I found so much more.


Compulsive, addictive behaviours

Dear Eugenie, I am so appreciative of the relief that you bring my soul and body.  Whatever you are doing is wonderfully effective.  If it is useful for you to know, I feel a little like a cloud is being lifted and that hopelessness is easing off.  My brain feels brighter and I feel a bit more alive.  There is a notion emerging at an unconscious level that my addictive behaviour patterns need not be the only secure and comforting/easy pleasure thing in my life.


Dog allergy, emotional trauma and poisoning

Leão (Giesela’s dog) is much better now; in spite, I haven’t tried the baking soda remedy yet. For over a week I haven’t been putting any creams and giving him any baths, his vet had prescribed for him, only sea baths, and what a relief! Although he still has some itching and pink areas, but they are not red anymore!  Thank you so much!!!


Reiki training

I was inducted into Reiki by Eugenie, and it was such a powerful experience that it has lived with me every day since then. It was overwhelmingly emotional, and I cried uncontrollably upon ‘awakening’.  My world was turned upside down … and Eugenie facilitated that. I know that it’s different for everyone, but it’s an experience that I would wholeheartedly recommend.


Ulcerative Colitis

I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in February of 2007. I was told this was incurable and would be on tablets for the rest of my life. Over the past 7 years, I have had flare ups which cause the ulcers in my colon to flare up, cause bleeding, sickness and diarrhoea. When it’s in remission you feel almost normal, but when you get a flare up its absolute hell. When I became ill last Oct all the usual tests were done but it was not my UC flaring up, October carried into November, into December, and I was so sick and upset I felt like cancelling my holiday to SA.

I was so worried I would get really sick while over there but armed to the back teeth with the medication I went. When I got back I was feeling a bit better but still not eating properly for fear of getting sick and the weight was just dropping off me. On recommendation from my friend (thanks, Patricia Ho) I went to see a hypnotherapist about my anxiety about eating. He has helped me considerably, as well as putting me in touch with a lovely lady called Eugenie Young who is an Alternative Therapist, between them they both told me they could cure this disease.

I met Eugenie and after one session and treatment with Vibrational Medicine and Energy Healing, she pronounced me healed…this was in March. My consultant decided he wanted to do an endoscopy and colonoscopy which I had done after seeing Eugenie. I got my results today from my consultant and guess what….my Ulcerative Colitis has gone, no trace of it whatsoever and he has even told me to stop taking the tablets. I am absolutely overjoyed!!! — feeling wonderful. Thank you!


Healing and spiritual development

Hi. Am called to write to you because I am feeling tremendous benefit from our time together.

I am feeling well and energised. I am also really pleased that I have re-established a daily practice. Your guidance is perfect, some is new to me and other parts of it is you reminding me of tools that I already have but have let them go. I am picking them up again. [My partner] and I have had a good discussion last night to share and explore the current dynamics of our relationship. We have come to some new conscious agreements. Thank you.


Recommendation to friends on Facebook

Here is a beautiful lady who you will want to have on your friends’ list. She is a healer in every sense of the word!!! Not only is she intelligent, she is highly intuitive, genuine and kind. If you or your pet need healing or help of any kind then this is the lady you want to see. Pop over to Eugenie’s page or visit her website…you’ll get much more than you went for because of the remarkable talent this lady has.

My wee dog Bell had what’s known as a ‘runny gut’ to which there is no cure. I had Bell at the vet’s every other week and was worried sick not to mention the vet bills!!! I kept taking her to the vet’s because I thought they could do more and that they weren’t quite understanding what I was telling them…but to them, it’s all about tablets and I’m not a great believer in tablets! Then I met Eugenie Young and after speaking with her and taking her advice my wee dog is back to normal. The spirit always guides you to where you need to go if you let it!

Wee Belle is so much better.  I took her off boosters, etc., and I make sure she has filtered water and keep her away from processed food.  She was up 4 or 5 times a night the wee Soul and now she’s back to normal without the ‘rubbish’.  Thank you for taking the time to help me last year, Eugenie, it was really appreciated.


Distance healing for tonsilitis and earache

My daughter C. is on a school trip to Budapest right now. She has been ill since the day before she left… I thought it was just stress about the trip, but she developed tonsillitis and earache and has been feeling terrible since arriving. She has spent most of the time alone in the hotel while the class go out on excursions etc., as she feels ill and exhausted…

A few hours later…. Hi Eugenie, thanks for your response. I got a message from C. to say she was much better and that her throat/ear pain had gone, AND that she was going out tonight with the rest of the class! I am so grateful, thank you. I told her I had contacted you and that you were going to help her and the other things you said. She said you had worked a miracle. She called later on tonight and sounded so happy and vibrant, and she was out with her friends having fun for the first time since she got there last Sunday!.

The following morning…Hi, Eugenie. Guess what? Colette not only was out last night with the class, she had a fabulous time and was the last one standing at the end of the night! Quite an amazing turnaround, and now she will end the holiday enjoying the last 2 days and feeling good instead of thinking it was all a disaster…


Depression, childhood traumas, low self-esteem, feeling powerless, panic attacks, pain and shaking in the whole body, fear of people

Hi Eugenie, thanks again for everything. Truly wonderful to meet you. Your knowledge and awareness are striking. Thank you for the energy work you carried out and for these links. Very much appreciated. It was a real pleasure to meet you, very interesting indeed. Feeling very good. Very sleepy but that’s a given. slight pressure on the top of my right leg but the pain passed and its like things are flowing well in my right arm and leg, fantastic. Funny feeling in my feet, think my body is getting used to being minus all that stuff. Practising grounding and protection and connecting to source meditations. Thank you again.


Healing and spiritual development

Dear Eugenie, thank you very much for your time yesterday.  I was afraid that I had been a bit of a drain on your resources, after a long day of healing and 5-year-old to look after (I well remember how demanding that can be).  I hope that my hunger to find answers was not too much, apologies if so.

I find you to be such a loving and giving person – and it’s all done with such integrity, which I prize greatly.

You have given me some leads to hold on to as a way forward.  As I said to you, I often look back at things you have said to me and they have been very helpful and insightful.

I realise that It’s time now to make the actual steps to finding the way forward and make my dreams more concrete ..I will keep you posted (if you are interested).  I think it’s a constant creative process, as there is no clear set path for any healer… Time for me to take responsibility and stop wishing that I was someone else – more clever, beautiful, talented etc….and make the most of what I have and what I am.  It gave me a boost to have your feedback yesterday, now it’s a matter of living it!

I have great respect for your talents and as I have said before your story.  I think you are a woman of great courage and have a sense that you have experienced more than I can countenance, yet there is no sense of bitterness about you or diminishment of another person’s story.  That is a great achievement in a human being.