Eugenie Young | Depression Stress Anxiety Mental Health Wellbeing Psychotherapy Counselling Coaching

About my Work

I combine elements of different therapeutic modalities to suit each client’s unique circumstances, affinities, and needs. 

Each session aims to treat the individual, help expand their awareness, and achieve their health and life’s goals. 

A goal may be: 

  • to improve physical health
  • build healthy relationships
  • grow self-esteem and self-awareness
  • live a more independent and fulfilling life
  • overcome anxieties
  • find meaning and joy in life
  • live life more naturally and spontaneously
  • learn to see possibilities and opportunities
  • understand yourself and others

The Healing Approach

My work is based on the understanding that everything is energy. Most treatments I offer are thus energetic by nature, whether they are directed towards the body, psyche, or the Soul.

My approach consists of several elements, including vibrational medicine, energy healing, and complementary psychotherapy, each comprising multiple sub-modalities. Depending on your issue, I may offer them in combination or separately as part of your treatment programme.

“I was sitting in your office, and while you were diagnosing me, I watched you. You were completely immersed in a real, beautiful, creative process, where you used several techniques at the same time. Thank you very much for always helping in difficult moments – you remove physical and mental pain!” (Catherin, Germany)