Treatment for Personality Disorders near Keith

Treatment for Personality Disorders near Keith

If you are looking for Treatment for Personality Disorders near Keith, I can help you.

First of all, to help you understand whether it is Personality Disorders that you are experiencing, here is some helpful information that will guide you. Below that I have outlined some of the treatment options that I can offer you.

What are Personality Disorders?

Personality Disorders are a controversial topic. Everyone is unique, carrying their own personality and perceptions, behaviours and nuances. However, science and society seek to “normalise” and “classify” these traits that make everyone unique according to the ever-changing views and needs of science and society.

We don’t all think and behave the same way, nor should we. However, if how you think and behave causes you difficulty in how you relate to, and interact with, yourself and others, and causes you problems in how you deal with your daily life, you may have aspects of a personality disorder.

The types of behaviours, feelings and thoughts that could be categorised as a personality disorder are varied, but across all is that they must have been prevalent for a considerable period of time. A short term behavioural change may be natural following a traumatic event, e.g. grief, but should not last for months, or even years. Similarly, behavioural change from substance abuse is not a personality disorder.

Being unable to maintain control of emotions and behaviours, experiencing difficulty in starting and maintaining friendships, finding yourself unable to trust people, are all examples of the type of problem that could result in a personality disorder diagnosis.

The short video below will help explain more:


Treatment for Personality Disorders

If you’re looking for Treatment for Personality Disorders near Keith, it is crucial to realise that no single treatment fits all. The treatment that will be best for you is one that will be based upon a detailed understanding of what stresses you are experiencing, the lifestyle choices that you have made (or are seeking), and how your mind links with your body to generate the symptoms you suffer from. The first stage of any treatment is working with you to understand these vital factors.

It is, of course, very likely that a combination of treatment protocols will suit your unique circumstances rather than simply adopting one strategy. The key to my approach is to develop a deep understanding of your personal needs and circumstances and to adapt the treatment approach as your own needs change through the treatment process.

Here are three examples of Treatment for Personality Disorders that I offer:

Cognitive-Emotional Therapies as a Treatment for Personality Disorders near Keith

Cognitive-Emotional therapies help deal with negative thoughts and feelings and make positive changes. They involve talking to a trained therapist about your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours that worry you.

Voicing what happens in your mind and how it makes you feel and behave will help you make sense of your troubles and their source and notice unhelpful patterns. Understanding all this, combined with therapeutic techniques, can help you make positive changes, take greater control of your life and improve your awareness and confidence.

Cognitive-Emotional therapies can help with difficult life events such as loss, relationship problems, painful past events, destructive feelings such as anger, low self-esteem or shame, mental health problems, and long-term physical health ailments.

Coaching as a Treatment for Personality Disorders near Keith

Coaching happens through a conversation over the phone, online, or face-to-face. It aims to help you develop in a specific area in your life, for instance, achieving a calmer and less stressful lifestyle or mindset, by understanding what holds you back, setting goals and achieving them. It focuses on progress, unlocking higher potential, and achieving goals. Many people call this process “life-changing.”

A central belief underpinning coaching is that we possess inner wisdom and have all answers within us. The coach is there to help you access them, using various techniques such as NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), talking therapies, journaling, and mindfulness meditation.

Coaching is beneficial because it provides clarity whenever you feel confused about your issue, are stuck in a pattern, struggle to make a change, or see no direction or hope. It will help you get motivated, raise your self-awareness, understand and change your thinking patterns, perceptions, and behaviours and learn new skills.

Alternative Medicine as a Treatment for Personality Disorders near Keith

Alternative medicine consists of a variety of medical practices which have been practised and refined over centuries. Most forms of alternative medicine stem from a combination of traditional medical methods, spiritual knowledge, folk medicine as well as science and quantum physics.

My range includes NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), EFT (emotional freedom technique, or meridian tapping), vibrational medicine, aromatherapy (in the form of essences), mindfulness meditation, traditional Chinese medicine, radionics, dowsing for health, energy healing, and numerology.