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About the Service

This service is a stand-alone therapy. However, if you haven’t had a consultation with me, I would recommend booking an initial consultation prior to ordering your remedy.  

Vibrational remedies are created individually for each person and issue. I will require a description of your problem and a list of your current symptoms, which you can provide by filling out The Client Questionnaire.

Please note that your symptoms and the actual-root causes of your issue are two different things. Your symptoms are only an indicator of both psychological and physical underlying cause and serve as a guide for further investigation.

What to expect?

You will receive your remedy together with the instructions for application and a short description of issues treated.

Remedies are preserved in brandy or base oil and delivered in a roller bottle. The delivery is through the skin by either applying over an organ or acupuncture points on the relevant meridians.

If running out of remedy, please top up with brandy when 1/3 of the mixture remains in the bottle. You only need a tiny amount of the tincture – one stroke at a time is sufficient.

Before ordering this service, please read more about Vibrational Medicine here.

For more information, please refer to the Remedies by Post page.


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