Incomplete cycles: the lost and blocked life energy

Everyone has unfinished cycles. They linger, take away our energy and power, inhibit our development and ultimately affect our health.

Physically. You created incomplete cycles on the material plane when you started something and didn’t complete it. You left unfinished work or pieces of your creation. You left a mess in your house after a party. Your glove compartment, bag, your desk are full of unnecessary stuff. When all the space in your home is cluttered, you simply do not have room for something new to appear in your life.

Emotionally. When you were angry, you suppressed it; it stayed. You got offended by someone; your resentment remained. You got frustrated with yourself, stopped your anger, didn’t figure it out; it stuck. You hang up with negative people. You have unfinished relationships. You are emotionally stuck.

Mentally. You made a promise to someone but did not fulfil it; it hangs. You planned something but didn’t act on it; it lingers. You plan but do not accomplish. You experience creative blocks, memory blocks, and mental fog. You are in a sticky place.

Spiritually. You received a favour or a painful lesson but didn’t thank for it. Your giving and receiving are unbalanced. You don’t let go of the things that don’t serve you anymore. You stick to old ideas and ideals. You overuse your mind and ignore the calling of your Inner Self. You cling to the future or the past. You tie yourself to your body as if you are it, unaware of your spiritual essence. You are stuck.

Getting stuck in a cycle keeps you in the past, preventing your forward movement. Cycles draw energy. Your life becomes cluttered, stagnant, and confusing. Incomplete cycles don’t allow you to feel the freedom and joy of life.

Clearing cycles will allow energy to flow in your space and your life. You must free yourself from the past to create a better present and future.

The process of clearing cycles implies a process of release. But this liberation is not only on the physical level. The most important thing is to learn to let go of the fear that ties you to the things, events, ideas, experiences, hurt, and people who no longer serve a purpose in your life.

Life is constantly changing. Things, events, and people come and go. When something appears in your life, get pleasure and enjoyment from it, handle it with care, and when the time comes, let it go with ease and gratitude. You will sense when the time is right.

There are essentially only two ways to “clear up.” You can do it yourself through meditations, self-observations, focusing on your thoughts, emotions, and actions and letting go of the redundant ones. Or you can turn for help to a specialist. Listen to your inner guidance, and you won’t go wrong.


Eugenie Young

Eugenie Young

I am a counsellor, alternative therapist, and healer, helping people with emotional, physical and spiritual issues for over a decade.