Thank you!

I want to say a huge thank you for all the great job you have been doing first and foremost of love for people: you have studied numerous methods of “alternative” medicine, discovering  the world of vibrational medicine for yourself and for the ones around you, helping others to understand the way it works, and most importantly for not being afraid to follow a completely new route; for the fact that this thirst of yours to help others has inspired you to look for other ways of  healing people, and you have managed to find time to study yet more and more new methods.

I had the opportunity to experience the impact of both your energy (meant direct energy healing) and the healing energy around you, albeit at the very early stages of your “career” of a healer. But even then, when all your diagnostics was based on intuition alone, the results were simply amazing – a huge influx of vital energy, mood elevation, the disappearance (sometimes partial, sometimes complete) of current symptoms of the disease, and most importantly lightness in the soul (‘heart’), which we rarely experience in our everyday life.

I recommend you to all my friends and acquaintances. And I can only envy those who decide to have a session with you, as meeting you will mean the door to the wonderful world of radiant vibrations will open for them.