Recommendation to friends on Facebook

Here is a beautiful lady who you will want to have on your friends’ list. She is a healer in every sense of the word!!! Not only is she intelligent, she is highly intuitive, genuine and kind. If you or your pet need healing or help of any kind then this is the lady you want to see. Pop over to Eugenie’s page or visit her website…you’ll get much more than you went for because of the remarkable talent this lady has.

My wee dog Bell had what’s known as a ‘runny gut’ to which there is no cure. I had Bell at the vet’s every other week and was worried sick not to mention the vet bills!!! I kept taking her to the vet’s because I thought they could do more and that they weren’t quite understanding what I was telling them…but to them, it’s all about tablets and I’m not a great believer in tablets! Then I met Eugenie Young and after speaking with her and taking her advice my wee dog is back to normal. The spirit always guides you to where you need to go if you let it!

Wee Belle is so much better.  I took her off boosters, etc., and I make sure she has filtered water and keep her away from processed food.  She was up 4 or 5 times a night the wee Soul and now she’s back to normal without the ‘rubbish’.  Thank you for taking the time to help me last year, Eugenie, it was really appreciated.