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Emotional Trauma

If you have experienced a very distressing event, or series of events, that have left you feeling helpless and out of control, you may have been emotionally traumatised. Your emotional trauma, its causes and the effect on you, are very unique. Sometimes, a deeper understanding and an alternative perception of the situation will help resolve the issue. In this case, a combination of Counselling, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Matrix Reimprinting and Guided Meditation would be sufficient to resolve the issue. However…

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Terminal Illnesses

Terminal illnesses are conditions that are considered incurable and likely leading to death. This diagnosis is based on the prognosis that of life expectancy of six months or less and the assessment of the effectiveness of available conservative treatments available at the time of diagnosis. No complementary and alternative therapies, however, are taken into consideration when a person is diagnosed with a ‘terminal illness’. However, is it possible to outlive the six-months life expectancy prognosis or completely recover from an ‘incurable’ disease? The answer is YES!

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Pregnancy and Parenting

Several years ago, a lovely young lady came to me after a number of unsuccessful pregnancies and IVF treatments in deep distress. Her desire to have a child was so deep and her suffering was so profound. One day, my lovely friend received a gift – a few vibrational remedies in the post. It was my gift to her. She applied her remedies for 21 days. Nine months later the happy family welcomed a gorgeous healthy little baby boy.

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