Energy Rebalancing


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About the service

This is a spiritual, non-localised, faith- and intent-based energy transmission.

You can order this therapy for any issue. Please read about the Energy Rebalancing therapy prior to ordering the service.

What to expect?

Energy Rebalancing is a remote therapy. You don’t need to make any adjustments to your day when the balancing is taking place. The process of change is gentle, subtle, and effective.

Some people like to participate in the process.  In this case, please let me know, and we will arrange a convenient time.

During the transmission, please sit, or lie, comfortably. You may wish to have candles burning and calming music playing in the background. Many people report physical sensations and emotional shifts during their treatment. Most people report immediate or quick relief during or after the session.

Please drink plenty of water after the session.


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