Life Coaching

Who needs a Life Coach?


You could be a housewife looking for an inspiration in life or an Executive Director of a multi-national, multi-billion-pound business, feeling stuck and unhappy.

Your family may have grown up and left home, and you feel lost looking for a new purpose in life.

Perhaps you have started feeling bored in your marriage and want to push your relationship onto the next level.

You might be a musician, an artist, or a writer in need of inspiration but without your muse.

You might be an inventor, full of brilliant ideas, but lacking the confidence to pitch your inventions to potential investors…

And, ultimately, if you are looking for the answers to life’s fundamental questions:

 Then you have found the person who can help you find the answers.

What does Life Coaching offer?

Life Coaching sessions will provide you the necessary insight, motivation and action plan you need to achieve your goals, whether those are spiritual or grounded in this physical reality.

We will work on eliminating any obstacles or blocks that stand in your way to success that we identify. We will define your goals and develop and agree a plan that will help you to achieve them.

We will work as partners on the road to your success. Nobody will celebrate your achievement more than I will once you have arrived at your destination.

Powerful Benefits of Life Coaching

In Life Coaching, I recognise that the power of change lies within YOU; that you are the only expert in your own life, the only one who truly knows who you are and what you need. Yes, I can guide you to ‘firm up’ on that knowledge that lies within you, and that is the role of the Coach… an expert ‘guide’ through the depths of human experience… but the answers will come from within you.

It’s important during this coaching process that I get the best of YOU, out of YOU! To do this, I use a range of skills that I have developed over my life and work experience so far. These skills include Counselling, NLP, Hypnosis, Guided Meditation, Spiritual Counselling, EFT and my gift as a ‘medical intuitive’ to see to the core of the problem.

Every step that we take in life is a choice. Sometimes we have enough knowledge for these to be ‘informed’ choices, other times we simply step blindly into the unknown and have faith. Life Coaching helps you to make more ‘informed’ choices, choices that lead you to a more balanced, fulfilled, and effective life.

What can I expect from Life Coaching sessions?

Together we will develop a personalised plan to suit your needs. Your sessions can be conducted at your discretion, either one-to-one, in my practice, or via telephone or Skype.

Here is an example of a coaching plan:

How do I know if Life Coaching is for me?

Well, if you already want to achieve something specific in life and just need some help in getting there… then Life Coaching is a great way to achieve your aim.

If you’re NOT already targeting a specific goal, but just feel like you want MORE from life… then Life Coaching can be the way for you to get that.

Just about everyone use Coaching to help them live their personal dreams and be the best they can be. Completing the short quiz below, as honestly and accurately as you can, will give you a good indication of your suitability for Life Coaching.

On the scale of 1-10, rate each statement below











Don’t agree  

Somewhat agree

Totally agree

  • I am ready to create more balance in my life

  • I am ready to improve my personal or business relationships

  • I am ready to make real & positive changes in my life

  • I am ready to find & live my life’s purpose

  • I am ready & willing to overcome self-limiting beliefs & behaviours

  • I am ready to achieve a sense of fulfilment at work and in my life

  • I am ready for more fun and enjoyment in my life

  • I’d like to work less and make more money

  • I can benefit from someone who will help me stay on track

Add up your score.

How to interpret your score:

Under 30:

Life Coaching is not something that you need right now.

31 to 60:

Life Coaching would provide you with support to look at your life from a different perspective, and help you to develop a plan to make the changes necessary in your life. However, remember that the commitment to change is yours and yours alone, and that this commitment is vital to your success. If you are not fully committed, then no matter how good a Life Coach you have, you won’t achieve your objective.

61 and above:

Congratulations! You have reached that point in your life where Life Coaching can help. You are clearly willing to do whatever it takes to create the life you both desire and deserve.

Contact Details:

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Medical Disclaimer:

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