Throat swelling, digestive, endocrine, immune issues, mood swings, abdominal pain

Meeting Eugenie was a truly life-changing experience. For several months I ran from doctor to doctor with severe swelling and constriction in my throat accompanied by intense anxiety that nobody could find out what the cause was. Just after one distant energy healing treatment, it all disappeared within minutes. I had many other issues such as digestive, endocrine and immune problems that Eugenie also dowsed and treated with Vibrational medicine that were resolved very quickly. My daughters were also treated. The youngest, 10, had a lingering cough for 6 months. She took a load of antibiotics and they never worked. I applied the remedies and within a day or two, the cough disappeared. She also refused to sleep in her bedroom so Eugenie found that there was psychic disturbance there. She cleared it and now my daughter sleeps like a little angel all night long in her own bed. My oldest daughter, 14, was having severe mood swings and very achy body and now she is a much happier child. She is gone back to being loving and cuddly like she used to be. My husband was also treated. For three days he had extreme abdominal pain. Eugenie treated him distantly, and within just a few hours it all disappeared.We’re all much happier and healthier family now. Eugenie is an incredibly knowledgeable healer and a wise, funny and compassionate human being. Thank you so much for everything!