Anxiety, self-doubt, low self-esteem, no purpose in life, fear, adrenal fatigue

Hi Eugenie, thank you so much for the invaluable help you gave me yesterday.

When I got home and looked in the mirror I actually thought I looked different! I think I could actually see myself, for the first time, not through the filter of my sisters’ opinion of me! Awesome!! I felt tired, achy and very thirsty. I drank lots of water, avoided food and had an Epsom salt bath in the evening.

I did some more cleansing visualisation in the bath and had an early night. I, very briefly, opened my eyes during the night and seen a bunch of balloons floating over my bed!! I fell back asleep feeling that my dad (who’s been helping me) and my spirit guides and Angels were letting me know that they are celebrating my emancipation!!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

I will work through my soul reading now, I have my work cut out for me!!

I will come back and see you next month.

Take care special soul.