Distance healing for tonsilitis and earache

My daughter C. is on a school trip to Budapest right now. She has been ill since the day before she left… I thought it was just stress about the trip, but she developed tonsillitis and earache and has been feeling terrible since arriving. She has spent most of the time alone in the hotel while the class go out on excursions etc., as she feels ill and exhausted…

A few hours later…. Hi Eugenie, thanks for your response. I got a message from C. to say she was much better and that her throat/ear pain had gone, AND that she was going out tonight with the rest of the class! I am so grateful, thank you. I told her I had contacted you and that you were going to help her and the other things you said. She said you had worked a miracle. She called later on tonight and sounded so happy and vibrant, and she was out with her friends having fun for the first time since she got there last Sunday!

The following morning…Hi, Eugenie. Guess what? Colette not only was out last night with the class, she had a fabulous time and was the last one standing at the end of the night! Quite an amazing turnaround, and now she will end the holiday enjoying the last 2 days and feeling good instead of thinking it was all a disaster…