Reiki training

I have just completed my training & initiation into Reiki 1st Degree & was AMAZED! Not only by how I felt afterwards but also that we already have this gift, we just need some support & guidance in learning how to use it to effectively.

I am having some amazing results when working on my families energy, as well as my own, but I am also now able to start challenging how I live my life day to day.  I am feeling more grounded, happy & content in my own skin & have no doubt this will continue as I grow.

The day itself was a fantastic experience, made all the better by Eugenie’s patience, understanding, explanations & support.  She also continues to “check-in” to see how I’m getting on & offer more guidance. I definitely don’t feel alone in this & know she is there for me.

There were some laughs & some tears during the day but most of all there was lots of love.  Something I am looking forward to passing onto others whose energy I have the privilege of working with.

Thank you, Eugenie, for being such an inspiration!