Healing and spiritual development

Dear Eugenie, thank you very much for your time yesterday.  I was afraid that I had been a bit of a drain on your resources, after a long day of healing and 5-year-old to look after (I well remember how demanding that can be).  I hope that my hunger to find answers was not too much, apologies if so.

I find you to be such a loving and giving person – and it’s all done with such integrity, which I prize greatly.

You have given me some leads to hold on to as a way forward.  As I said to you, I often look back at things you have said to me and they have been very helpful and insightful.

I realise that It’s time now to make the actual steps to finding the way forward and make my dreams more concrete ..I will keep you posted (if you are interested).  I think it’s a constant creative process, as there is no clear set path for any healer… Time for me to take responsibility and stop wishing that I was someone else – more clever, beautiful, talented etc….and make the most of what I have and what I am.  It gave me a boost to have your feedback yesterday, now it’s a matter of living it!

I have great respect for your talents and as I have said before your story.  I think you are a woman of great courage and have a sense that you have experienced more than I can countenance, yet there is no sense of bitterness about you or diminishment of another person’s story.  That is a great achievement in a human being.