Fibromyalgia, depression, sleep issues, fuzzy head, can’t see the future

We all have stresses and stories of how difficult life can be. Eugenie was recommended to me at one of the more difficult times in my life. I am a believer in alternative medicine and had tried all my previous knowledge and practitioners for support. Whilst all had alleviated some part of my pain and discomfort, none had any lasting effect for more than a few days. Although not officially diagnosed by my medical doctor, I was on repeat medication for fibromyalgia. Not only was moving painful, sleep was nearly impossible as it was painful to lie down. I was in a constant fog with a fuzzy head. I was depressed and could not see a way ahead.

Eugenie changed all that in one two hour session. Through tapping and identifying the root cause, helping me to visualise the darkness leaving my body and a balancing of my energies through a Reiki session I feel I have got my life back. I can sleep. There is no muscle pain. I have energy and enthusiasm for activity and the future. Best of all I have weaned myself from prescription medication and have a clear head. This has been over a month now and I feel stronger and more positive every day. Saying thank you does not convey the depth of gratitude I feel for the miracle which happened to me during our session. Bless you, Eugenie.