Vibrational Remedies by post

Vibrational Medicine delivered to your door, from West Lothian, Scotland

What are “Remedies by Post?”

Vibrational remedies are made based on your issues and symptoms. I will require a description of your issue and a hair sample (for a distance transmission) or your address to which your remedy, together with the instructions on how to apply, will be sent.

Before ordering this service, please read more about Vibrational Medicine here.

You might wish to book a telephone consultation prior to ordering this service.

What is the Distant Transmission of Vibrations?

Using a homoeopathic machine and a small sample of your hair, the vibration created for your treatment is transmitted into your body distantly. There is no need in sending your remedy by post in this instance.

Why do you offer “Remedies by Post?”

Many of my clients reside abroad or are unable to attend a face-to-face appointment.

What can be treated?

Almost any condition can be improved or completely eliminated using Vibrational Medicine.

Please take a few moments to read about some recent successfully treated issues.

However, it is important to recognise that some conditions can take longer to resolve or improve than others. Equally, the same dis-ease can affect two people differently, and require different treatment. Finally, some issues may require more than one treatment to effectively improve or remove the problem.

What do I need to do to get “Vibrational Remedies by Post?”

The process is really simple …

1. Select and pay for your chosen option(s) from my Prices Page.

2. Email me some details about your issue, including your current symptoms, when symptoms first occurred, what treatments have already been received. Please note, you may write about all your issues to me, however, only the priority issue/s will be treated during each session.

3. Provide me with your postal address for your remedies to be sent to. My analysis, recommendations and application instructions for your remedy will be emailed to you.

After you have received your report and/or remedy (if applicable), please feel free to email me with any questions.

All tests and treatment preparations will normally be processed within 5 working days, however, delays are possible.

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Discovering the root cause of your problem

To identify the root cause of your health issue, your symptoms will be analysed and prioritised. Based on the findings of this analysis, a vibrational remedy shall be produced. Causes can be genetic or may be due to a toxin or poison having entered into a particular system of your body. The root of your problem could stem from a physical injury, or emotional trauma, or even a childhood vaccination that interfered with intercellular processes as you grew.

Identifying the most effective remedy for you

Once the cause has been identified a suitable remedy will be selected, which is usually placed on relevant acupuncture points along an energy meridian, or organ, in the form of an alcohol or oil-based essence. The remedy is capable of extracting the harmful effects of poisons from the body’s cells and transmitting the correct vibrations back to the sells in order to trigger a healing response.

How are Vibrational Remedies created?

In simple terms, I combine the appropriate vibrations from a range of thousands of standard homoeopathic remedies with others that have been collected from around the world by Jack Temple, the founder of the Scottish School of Vibrational Medicine, his students and followers. These tried and tested methods have benefitted such distinguished people as Princess Diana, Cherie Blair, Jerry Hall and many others. They result in incredibly focussed remedies for almost any problem. Each remedy has particular healing qualities derived from natural sources. Please learn more from my Vibrational Medicine page.

All remedies are absolutely natural and without side-effects and will not interfere with any other medications. They are safe for all ages, and also work remarkably well with animals.

Remedies can be made in a range of bases, depending upon your condition. Generally, this will be a mix of distilled water and alcohol (whiskey or vodka) but can be an oil base instead (especially for children, animals, and people intolerant or addicted to alcohol).

You will not find physical parts of flowers, minerals, or any of the other components that are used in the tincture. You will benefit purely from the vibrational frequency imprinted into your remedy.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


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