Therapeutic and Transformational Numerology

Therapeutic and Transformational Numerology in West Lothian and Moray, Scotland

What Is Numerology?



Numerology considers each number within your date of birth, and their harmony, as the vibrational code of your being. This code is similar to a computer program (set numbers) mixed with the potential for growth (missing numbers and zeroes). It expresses the Soul’s ‘manifestation’ through physical expression. It defines who we are in our entirety, with all our strengths and weaknesses, talents and lessons, aspirations and drives, and even how we look in this particular incarnation.

Similar to the DNA of our body, this code is set, yet, at the same time, it always remains flexible. We know that various environmental and internal influences can switch our genes on and off. The same is true for the Soul’s code e.g. societal programming and conscious self-development can equally change it for better or worse. It is pre-set at birth (way before, actually), yet it contains the vast potential for change. Indeed, we incarnate here to explore this potential and to grow.



What is the Therapeutic and Transformational Numerology

The Therapeutic and Transformational Numerology (TTN) is a powerful tool for self-discovery. It helps reveal our essential true nature and allows us to see that which is hidden behind the many masks of our ‘personality’. Our ‘personality’ serves us as a means of presenting ourselves to the world.

We are so used to suppressing our unique individuality by constantly adjusting and moulding ourselves to the expectations of others, slaves to our programming, that we no longer know who we really are.

By re-discovering our Inner Selves, we make the first step towards a more fulfilled life with a sense of peace, direction and accomplishment.

What Makes TTN Therapeutic and Transformational?

TTN is therapeutic and transformational in its nature. When you see your chart and it is explained to you, suddenly, so many things become obvious. You will now be able to answer many important questions:

  • Why do I do things the way I do them?
  • Why do some events keep repeating in my life?
  • Why am I struggling in my job or profession?
  • Why am I constantly unhappy in my relationships?
  • Why do I feel uncomfortable within myself?
  • And many, many other questions will simply disappear, as answers to them become clear and obvious to you.

You suddenly become aware of your uniqueness, and it becomes your first step towards self-acceptance. We all know too well that love starts with the acceptance of the Self. As your inner conflict disappears, giving way to your inner strength, you will start feeling love towards yourself and others.

From this place of self-awareness, it is much easier to start the journey of growth and self-improvement towards inner harmony and outer balance, making your journey on this planet more exciting, pleasant, and meaningful.



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