Terminal Illnesses

Terminal Illness Support in Bathgate, West Lothian, Scotland

What Is a Terminal Illness?

Terminal illness is a condition that is considered incurable, i.e., “likely leading to death.”

This diagnosis is based on the prognosis that of life expectancy of six months or less and the assessment of the effectiveness of available conservative treatments available at the time of diagnosis. No complementary and alternative therapies, however, are taken into consideration when a person is diagnosed with a ‘terminal illness’.

However, is it possible to outlive the six-months life expectancy prognosis or completely recover from an ‘incurable’ disease?

The answer is YES! There are many stories of spontaneous recoveries from ‘terminal illnesses’. A very important factor is whether you believe that it is possible or have given up.


What Help Is Available for My Illness?

Most illness is caused by an imbalance in the body on some level.

Your treatment will depend on the potential causes of your illness, which we will identify by means of dowsing, muscle testing, and review of your history, You will NOT receive a conventional diagnosis, as my approach is rooted in the understanding that we are non-physical beings at our core, with emotional and metaphysical causes very often at the roots of our health issues. I may also recommend a therapist or an approach that has proven potent in treating your specific issue. It may also be in the form of literature produced by that specialist. Most of these healers are medical doctors and scientists with a proven record of success in treating ‘terminal’ or chronic, untreatable illness.

Regardless of the severity of your condition, or whether you are on medications for it or not, we will find a way to relieve, or eliminate your symptoms. You will be treated holistically and based on the causes of your issue, not the symptoms. We will consider every possible contributory factor – physical, mental, emotional, even spiritual – to understand and heal the source of your suffering. In fact, very often, simply identifying the source of an issue can result in considerable improvements, even complete recovery.

Every person coming to me with a diagnosis of a ‘terminal’ illness is treated with Vibrational Medicine and Energy System Rebalancing with other therapies used as complementary, depending on the identified causes.

If an emotional trauma is present and its resolution is important for relieving your suffering, then CounsellingEmotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Matrix Reimprinting and Guided Meditation as well as Spiritual Counselling and many other less known healing techniques, such as Hawaiian Hooponopono Past Life Regression, and finetuned Prayer, may be explored as part of your therapy.

These and other therapies that we might explore together in our quest for equilibrium in your body, mind, and spirit are very powerful tools. Yet, my main priority will always remain the same – to help you recognise, discover and access the immense innate healing powers within you! We will dive deep into your Sub-conscious, Super-conscious mind, and your Soul to find answers, strength, and wisdom.

Don’t Give Up No Matter What Your Diagnosis or Prognosis Are! Never Give UP! Educate Yourself and Keep Searching for Answers and Solutions!

My blessings and love go to You!


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