Spiritual Mentoring

Spiritual Mentoring for Therapists in West Lothian, Scotland

What Is Spiritual Mentoring?

Spiritual Mentoring has evolved organically from having many complementary therapists as my clients.

Over years, I have mentored many alternative medicine practitioners – each one of them at different stages of their spiritual learning and evolution and with different needs. We have worked on personal issues, cleared many misconceptions with regards to spirituality and spiritual concepts, and gained a deeper understanding of the spiritual nature of the universe and everything within it.

These spiritual mentoring sessions are extremely educational and challenging. They will push the boundaries of your conscious mind to the very extremes.

spiritual mentoring

Who Is a Spiritual Mentor?

In general, a mentor is a person who guides, instructs, or helps another in the process of gaining knowledge, understanding, or skills.

A spiritual mentor’s role is unique in that the goal is not to transmit knowledge or understanding as much as it is to somehow bring about a recognition in the student of the student’s own pre-existing nature. This is a much more subtle thing than simply teaching someone a skill or understanding. It is not that a spiritual teacher never provides spiritual teachings or knowledge or understanding, but that knowledge or understanding by itself is not the goal. A student can have a broad knowledge of spiritual principles, and yet can still not have truly recognized those principles as being inherent in his or her own being. So spiritual teachers or mentors may teach a lot or they may not teach anything, depending on what the student needs at that moment to experience this deeper recognition of their own true nature.

This may seem like a subtle distinction between the role of a spiritual teacher and a regular teacher, but it makes a huge difference. The regular teacher usually has something specific to transmit, and there is often an implied assumption that the student will have more understanding or be better off when the teaching is completed. But the spiritual teacher is pointing to something that is already present in the student. It is like teaching someone to have a hart. You can’t really teach the having of a heart to someone who already has a heart! But you can make them more aware of the heart they already have.

In the case of my approach, mentees will be made aware of the most fundamental qualities of their already existing nature, specifically, the qualities of oneness, awareness, and emptiness. Fundamentally, there is only one substance of reality that everything is made of, including the teacher and the student. And we will explore this concept and seek to experience its essence on a deeper level, whether through meditation, work with plants, or other means.

If you take this fundamental truth of our nature to mean that there can be no such thing as a teacher or mentor, or a student for that matter. If it’s all one, then distinctions or differences are taken to be meaningless illusions, including the difference between a mentor and a mentee. Yet, while ultimately all appearance is temporary and, therefore, not fundamental to our being, our existing on many levels, not just on the absolute level of our ultimate nature. It also expresses on this relative level where there are an apparent mentor and an apparent student. And these roles function on the relative level until students have recognized their true nature and there is nothing left to teach them.

What Can Spiritual Mentoring Help with?

What should you expect from your mentoring sessions?
  • You will get help with getting unstuck if you are experiencing emotional or creative blockages
  • You will learn your true nature as a spiritual being having a human experience on this planet at this particular time and dimension
  • Together, we will answer such questions as: Who am I? Why am I having this particular experience at this time? What can I do to improve my experience and have more joy?
  • We will uncover your hidden talents and potential.
  • We will find and discuss your life purpose, or calling, and how to align yourself with it.
  • I will help you develop their abilities further (please see my training and qualifications for a list of modalities I have expertise in).
  • Discover what limiting beliefs, thoughts, and behaviours keep you from achieving your highest potential
  • Learn new approaches to self-healing and self-development, which can also be applied in your practice with clients
  • And much more…




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