Spiritual Counselling

Spiritual Counselling in West Lothian, Scotland
What Is Spiritual Counselling?

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Spiritual Counselling is a form of therapy that looks at life through a spiritual lens. It is a powerful and holistic therapy that combines many approaches and tools that give access to a deeper understanding of your nature and path on this planet.

During our session, you will discover your strengths, weaknesses, and potential. We will discuss your Soul’s plan and qualities you possess to follow it. We will analyse your energy systems to reveal weaknesses in your organs, mind, and emotions and look for solutions with the help of the system of metaphysical anatomy that links health issues and emotions.

Your health, relationships, self-expression, connection to the Divine and your own Higher Self are all important for your spiritual growth and transformation. They can either block you from or propel towards a more loving, joyous, empowered and fulfilled you, enjoying a life journey that has a purpose and direction.


Is Spiritual Counselling for Right You?

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If you answer Yes to one or more question, this therapy may be for you:

Do you think that there is more to life than meet the eye?

Do you feel stuck or unfulfilled and don’t know why?

Are you suffering from depression?

Would you like to experience deeper love for yourself and others?

Do you want to know how to create better relationships?

I have a very specific issue that I want help with

Have you lost someone close and dear to you?

Have you tried conventional treatments without success?

Do you feel a calling to transform yourself and your life?

Do you suffer from social anxiety?

Have you been abused, abandoned or betrayed?

Are you seeking help with your fears, emotions or traumatic memories?

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Are you an empath and want to know how to live and work with that?

Do you feel blocked in relationships?

Do you seek to understand who you are and your Soul purpose?

Are you dealing with change or need to make a life-changing decision and need support with that?

Have you been reading self-development or new age literature, but don’t know how to use the knowledge?

Are you experiencing a state of consciousness expansion and look for help with understanding and working with this?

Have you undergone a spiritual awakening and want to explore what it means for you and what’s next?

Are you drawn to the idea of awakening and want to connect deeper with that?

Have you experienced a difficult experience of spirituality, spiritual awakening or crisis, or negative energies and need urgent help?

What to Expect from Your session?

We will work on healing your current life issues through simple techniques and processes aligned with and guided by your Higher Self and higher realms of consciousness. In this process of healing the past, you will feel more grounded and connected to the present, gaining a fuller picture of that what is. We will dissolve negative patterns, limiting beliefs, emotional traumas, outstanding conflicts, sabotaging programming, fears, damaging emotions, toxic relationships.

Your healing will come from the place of its origin, where issues were first established. Bringing up and dissolving multiple layers of trauma and suffering, we will be revealing more and more of your beautiful inner light. As you begin to release and access more of this light, through freeing the light of your Higher Self, you align with your innate nature – the True, Free, Unlimited You. You will discover your inherent freedom, power, and wisdom, and deep and intimate love for yourself and others.

I will be honoured to assist you in this transformational journey with love, compassion, and joy. My highest goal is to help you restore your connection to your Divine nature and unlock your natural abilities to deeply love, be happy, fearless, expansive, and free.

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