Pregnancy and Parenting

Pregnancy and Parenting Support in Bathgate, West Lothian, Scotland

How Can I Help You before and during Pregnancy and Parenting?

Pregnancy and parenting are often exciting, beautiful, creative and informative experience. Unfortunately, not for all and not always, and a few issues here and there may appear, leaving parents and aspiring parents in distress and confusion.


Several years ago, a lovely young lady came to me after a number of unsuccessful pregnancies and IVF treatments in deep distress. Her desire to have a child was so deep and her suffering was so profound.

It was at the very beginning of my practice. Back then, all I could do was helping her heal her emotional and physical wounds. Years of work, studies of metaphysics, meditation and experimentation brought about a deeper understanding of the process of creation, its workings and falts. A major shift in my own consciousness was brought about by the wisdom of Vibrational Medicine, the teacher plant, Ayahuasca, and Metaphysics.

So, one day, my lovely friend received a gift – a few vibrational remedies in the post. These little bottles containing nature’s essence were my gift to her – a beautiful, nurturing, and kind soul that so desired to be a mother. She applied her remedies for 21 days on her body (organs, chakras and meridians that were affected).

A few weeks later I received a present from her – the news that she had conceived successfully. We energetically supported the growing little one through the various stages of his development in the womb.  And 9 months later the happy mother and father welcomed a gorgeous healthy little baby boy.

That was my very first experience of partaking in this amazing co-creative process. It will be cherished, remembered, and kept in my heart forever.


Conceiving a baby is only a very first stage of a long and exciting journey for the baby and his/her parents. Parenting, although is full of joy and excitement, it is also a journey full of confusion, difficult decisions, stressful situations, mental and physical challenges.

Whether you are dealing with the post-natal depression, relationship issues, your own or your child’s health, together we can find solutions.

You will be treated holistically and based on the causes of your issue, not the symptoms. We will consider every possible contributory factor – physical, mental, emotional, even spiritual – to understand and heal the source of your suffering.

Depending on the issues at hand, we will draw resources and wisdom from Vibrational Medicine and Metaphysics and all other approaches – CounsellingEmotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Matrix Reimprinting and Guided Meditation as well as Spiritual Counselling and other less known healing techniques, such as Hawaiian Hooponopono, Prayer, and focused manifestation.


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