Energy System Rebalancing

Energy System Rebalancing in Blackridge, Scotland.

What Are Body’s Energy Systems?

Multiple body’s energy systems have been recognised by our predecessors for thousands of years. People who can “see” or “sense” energy, emanating from objects and beings, describe it with remarkable similarity. These accounts also correlate with descriptions of subtle energies found throughout the world and known to humanity since ancient times. Many of these descriptions are now backed by electromagnetic measurements and scientific discoveries.

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Nowadays, many are familiar with such concepts as meridians, chakras, and aura. There are other energy systems and interplays of energies that have been identified as well.

Below is a description of some energy systems that have been found to impact body and mind.

1. The Meridians

Meridians are energy transportation system. They carry energy around the body, just like arteries carry blood and lymphatic vessels – lymph. As the body’s energy system, meridians bring vitality and balance, remove blockages, adjusts metabolism, and even support cellular development and functioning.

Therefore, the uninterrupted flow of energy in the meridians is as critical as the flow of blood. Meridians impact on the functioning of every organ and every physiological system, including the nervous, endocrine, immune, lymphatic, circulatory, digestive, respiratory, and muscular-skeletal. Each system is nourished by at least one meridian. If a meridian’s energy is blocked or unregulated, the system it supplies energy to is jeopardized.

Eugenie Young | Depression Stress Anxiety Mental Health Wellbeing Psychotherapy Counselling Coaching
Acupuncture Meridians

The meridians include fourteen main channels that carry energy into, throughout, and out of the body. These meridian pathways link hundreds of small reservoirs of heat and electromagnetic energy along the surface of the skin. These are acupuncture points. Stimulating with needles, pressure, even though can help release or reallocate energy along the meridian pathway. For instance, when an area in a meridian is congested and inflammation has occurred in that part, the acupuncture point can be stimulated to release some of the excesses of energy or redirected it to the area when there is lack of energy and the meridian feels empty.

2. The Organ Energy Network

This energy network is like meridians system, but more fluid and spontaneous, with no fixed pathways. They can be detected in an embryo before more stable energy meridians are formed. Some of these energy lines eventually form meridians, while others remain fluid and reactive to the emerging needs of the body. Like an emergency service. They intelligently respond to the areas needing extra support, bringing vital energy, regeneration, love, nurturing, upliftment, and spiritual connection.

3. The Electrics

The electrics is another dimension of interconnectedness within the body. It acts as a bridge connecting all energy systems. While chakras and aura align and sustain the organs and energy systems by enveloping them, the electrics pass right through them, connecting and synchronising them at the distinguishable level of electrics.

4. The Chakras

Eugenie Young | Depression Stress Anxiety Mental Health Wellbeing Psychotherapy Counselling Coaching
Chakra System and the Energy Ring

The word chakra from the Sanskrit means disk, vortex, or wheel. The chakras are focused centres of swirling energy. There are seven main chakras. Each one of them is positioned along the governing meridian, running along the spine and to the top of the head.

Each chakra supplies energy to the relevant organs and is paired with an endocrine gland. For instance, Heart chakra governs the heart and the lungs. It is also paired with the Thymus gland, thus regulating our immune system.

Each chakra also corresponds to a distinct aspect of our personality and resonates with one of seven universal principles related to survival (base chakra), creativity (sacral chakra), identity (solar plexus), love (heart), expression(throat), comprehension (brow), or transcendence (crown).

Chakras also code all our experiences in their energies, similarly to the way memories are chemically coded via our neurons. An imprint of every significant emotional experience is believed to be recorded in in our chakra energy field.

A sensitive practitioner by ether hovering their hand over a chakra, or mentally tuning into its energies, may resonate with pain in an associated organ, congestion in a lymph of blood vessel, subtle irregularities in heat or pulsing, emotional turmoil, even painful memories. All this is then addressed as part of the healing process.

5. The Aura

Our aura is a multi-layered shell, or projection, of energy that emanates from the body and interacts with the energies of our environment. It is a protective atmosphere that surrounds the body, filtering out non-beneficial energies we come across in our daily lives (e.g., unhealthy electromagnetic waves from our devices) and drawing in others that we need.

Like a space suit, the aura protects us from damaging energies, and, like a radio antenna, it pulls in energies with which it resonates. It is a two-way antenna that brings in energy from the environment to the chakras and that sends energy out through the chakras. When we feel happy, attractive, and determined, our auric field can fill an entire room. Contrary, when we are unhappy, hopeless, and sad, our aura shrinks on us, becoming an energetic shell that detaches us from the world around. Eugenie Young | Depression Stress Anxiety Mental Health Wellbeing Psychotherapy Counselling Coaching

Some people’s auras naturally reach out and embrace everyone around. Others’ push us away, like an electric fence. Valerie Hunt, a neurophysiologist at UCLA’s Energy Fields Laboratory, conducted a study comparing “aura readings” with neurophysiological measures. Eight practitioners’ perceptions of auras not only corresponded with one another but also, they correlated with wave patterns registered by electrodes attached to the skin of the participants at the spot that was being observed.

6. The Energy Ring

The body’s energies weave themselves into the most fascinating patterns. They spin, curve, cross, and spiral. The balance of this display of shapes and colours is sustained by an energy system known from Tibetans as “Tibetan energy ring,” from the yogic cultures as Sushumna, Ida and Pingala (three channels that cross seven times, enveloping the seven chakras). In the West, it is the caduceus – the symbol of medicine, with the intertwined serpents crossing seven times.

Like an invisible strand that keeps all the energy systems functioning in unison, the Energy Ring webs throughout and around the body in spiralling figure-eight outlines. The DNA double helix has this pattern, representing a microcosm of the entire system. Similarly, the right hemisphere governs the left side of the body, and the left hemisphere controls the right side.

7. The Fundamental Energy Framework

The body’s energy system is supplied and underpinned by the foundational energy framework. This framework provides a solid foundation for the body’s energy system that draw their energies from it. Severe emotional trauma can damage and misshape this framework, which may impact on the entire energy structure of the person, thus in health issues. Often, energy systems readjust themselves to the damaged framework. This may, however, alter the person’s personality. Generally, if the fundamental Framework is damaged, the person never feels quite right. Restoring a person’s fundamental framework is one of the most profound and intense procedures in energy healing.

How is Energy System Rebalancing Performed?

Energy System Rebalancing can be performed both distantly or in my practice. When receiving it distantly, you don’t need to make any adjustments to your day when the balancing is taking place, as the process of change is very gentle and subtle.

However, you might wish to arrange a specific time and participate in your healing. You will then be advised to sit comfortably or lie down, while I work on you. Many people report very physical sensations and emotional shifts during their treatment.


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