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"I met Eugenie and after one session and treatment with Vibrational Medicine and Energy Healing... my Ulcerative Colitis was gone, no trace of it whatsoever, and my consultant has even told me to stop taking the tablets..." –Geraldine - Scotland

“Eugenie, what a world of difference! I have lost 10 lbs (in 1 week!) and I am not taking my tablets...just taking some for thyroid and heart, but no anti inflammatories or pain killers, no beta blockers, no Prozac, no mood stabilisers!…Thank you for being so gifted… Much love.” –Marion, Scotland

“I still can’t believe how much better I felt after only two hours with Eugenie! ...I left feeling happy and pain free. And now? 2 weeks later, every symptom [of IBS] experienced is gone. Gone! Thank you, Eugenie, for everything that you’ve done.” –Maria, Scotland

"Life Changing’ sounds so melodramatic, but it’s true. The way Eugenie was able to see right to the core of the problem, and explain when and how it began is stunning...I came to Eugenie because I was desperate after my doctor couldn’t help with my Fibromyalgia. Next time, my first call will be to Eugenie!" –Ann, Scotland

“It’s incredible! Just over an hour’s treatment at distance and the swelling in my neck that had plagued me for months was almost entirely gone. I cried so much that evening … for joy! Eugenie, I wish you were here with us!” –Hannah, Germany

“I was inducted into Reiki by Eugenie, and it was such a powerful experience that it has lived with me every day since then. It was overwhelmingly emotional, and I cried uncontrollably upon ‘awakening’...My world was turned upside down … and Eugenie facilitated that." –Colin, Scotland

“...wee Belle (J.'s doggie) is so much better. I took her off boosters, etc., and I make sure she has filtered water and keep her away from processed food. She was up 4 or 5 times a night the wee Soul and now she's back to normal without the 'rubbish'. Thank you, Eugenie!" –Jackline, Scotland

“Leão (dog) is much better now; As you recommnded, for over a week I haven’t been putting any creams and giving him any baths, his vet had prescribed for him, only sea baths, and what a relief! Although he still has some itching and pink areas, but they are not red anymore! Thank you!!! –Gisela, Portugal

"For several months I ran from doctor to doctor with severe swelling and constriction in my throat accompanied with intense anxiety that nobody could find out what the cause was. Just after one distant energetic healing treatment, it all disappeared within minutes!.. " –Susanna - Portugal

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Reiki Detox

Reiki Detox

Reiki releases the blockages in your system, allowing your body to heal naturally. Part of that natural healing process is ridding the body of unwanted toxins that have contributed to your problems.

I call this Reiki Detox...and this page is here to help you deal with it.

After Your Healing Session

After the session, Reiki energy continues to flow throughout your energy system, on spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical levels, for sustained stress relief and relaxation. After a reiki healing session, toxins and disruptive thoughts, feelings, habits and aches arise to be released. There are some supportive practices, including detoxification, to help you enhance the healing effect.

The healing energy can actually remain in effect for several days after a healing session and much more after an attunement. After the session, you need to acknowledge and patiently evaluate any 'symptom' that you may experience as part of the detoxification process necessary to release the blockages.

Remember: symptoms of tiredness, intestinal discomfort and joint aches can also arise during this time but are temporary. Explore detoxification methods and remedies to reduce these symptoms and enhance the healing process.

With all healing modalities, the body releases toxins that need to be eliminated. Since reiki energy permeates all levels, the idea of toxins should be broadened to apply to the mind, spirit, emotions and body.

Promote toxin elimination and clear channels by increasing your water intake. Consider drinking purified water with a squeeze of lemon to cut through any mucus build-up (causing physical blockages).

For the nonphysical levels (mind, emotions and spirit), ideally you would want to schedule in some meditation and quiet time to let you evaluate and release extreme feelings, resurfacing memories and negative thoughts to help the detoxification process on that level. Identifying appropriate affirmations can bolster the balancing effects of reiki energy healing if used daily. I am happy to help develop appropriate affirmations with you that should help you during this process

General detoxification methods such as improving your diet and eliminating chemicals (such as junk food, sodas and cigarettes) will also aid the healing process. Please consider modifying your diet (even if only for a brief period of time following your session) and consider eliminating or reducing habits that contain chemicals. Acknowledge if your preferences for certain foods or habits change, and follow these urges - that is your intuition talking to you.

The 21 Day Cleansing, Detoxification or Transformation Cycle After Your Empowerment

After every attunement or empowerment, most people go through some form of cleansing, detoxification or transformation  cycle as their energy system adapts to the newly heightened vibrations. When you begin to attune others, it is useful to know, and understand, how this cycle operates in order to be ready for the potential questions that you will necessarily be asked  by your students.


Each week generally has a full cycle through the chakras; one day focussed on each as the higher frequency energy works  its way through the energy system. Though the work is not limited to merely one chakra per day the primary focus tends to be on one. Essentially, this is a cycle of integration of the energies from the seven rays of creation, each ray corresponding to  the colour of each chakra. Thus the light is assimilated into your being, or that of your students.

This will potentially bring up and help to clear issues that prevent wellness or are standing in the way of the person's spiritual and personal evolution. The vast majority of students will not report difficulties with the detoxification period; the symptoms  experienced being easily overcome with little need for intervention. However, it is wise to remind students to inform their Sensei if they do experience severe or unusual reactions after the attunement.

A good Sensei will be able to identify the root cause and work with the student over several treatment sessions to overcome the problem. Not every physical or emotional event that follows attunement will be directly caused by the detoxification process;  teachers need to be alert to other situations in students’ lives impacting them during this period of cleansing.

Here is what you can do to help:

The symptoms experienced will obviously vary from person to person; however, some common symptoms include strange sensations, itchy skin or even rash, the feeling that the body is clearing itself out, feelings of light-headedness and other similar feelings. There are only long-term beneficial effects from a reiki detox, but there are some things that a person can do to help cleanse their body faster and ground the soul.

Physical symptoms - head aches, stomach upsets, coughs, colds, spots
Emotional symptoms - mood swings, tears, anger, guilt, irritability

Some people choose to go on a green tea diet during this time period but, regardless, the individual should drink plenty of water. Water is important anytime, but it is particularly important during any cleansing period. Water also helps ground the soul.

Note: If you wake up in the morning after your reiki attunement and feel as though you are not grounded, one thing you can do is rub the bottoms of your bare feet together for a few seconds. This will also help ground the spirit and soul.

Meditation is very important during this time. Light a candle and some incense. You may want to dim the lights. Sit in an upright position on the floor with your legs crossed. Take a deep breath in through your nose, imagining that the air you are breathing in is green in color. Let the breath out slowly through your mouth and imagine that you are letting out red, negative energy. Imagine that your body is filled with a white reiki energy that is calming, cleansing and relaxing. Do this for several minutes, concentrating on grounding yourself and finding positive energy. Drink a large glass of water with lemon when you are finished.

If you have them, carry stones such as hematite and lapis lazuli in your pocket throughout the day.

Just as with detoxing from a Reiki Healing session, monitoring and perhaps altering your diet during this cleansing period are recommended. Drinking lemon or lime water will certainly help your body cleanse but, if you are serious and want to maximise the effect received from your attunement, you really need to consider changing your diet and removing

General detoxification methods such as improving your diet and eliminating chemicals (such as junk food, sodas and cigarettes) will also aid the healing  process. Please consider modifying your diet (even if only for a brief period of time following your empowerment) and consider eliminating or reducing habits that contain chemicals. Acknowledge if your preferences for certain foods or habits change, and follow  these urges - that is your intuition talking to you.

Some General Tips To Help Your Detox Period
  • Honour your detox as a period of growth

  • Drink at least 6/8 glasses of water every day

  • Be kind and gentle to yourself

  • Give yourself a session every day

  • Take time to meditate every day

  • Choose to have positive and loving thoughts about yourself

  • Avoid noisy and stressful places

  • Watch pleasant, positive TV programs or read some nice books

  • Get plenty of fresh air and exercise every day

  • Avoid negative people and situations

  • Go to bed reasonably early, but don’t sleep too much

  • Live in the now

  • Spend time with good friends

  • Honour your emotions and find healthy ways to express yourself

  • Eat a sensible healthy diet

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