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General Information about Appointments and Prices


Your Initial Consultation may last up to 90 minutes and will include the energy system 'diagnostic', any treatments, and all remedies (if applicable).

If the Initial consultation is conducted remotely, it can take place via Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp, or telephone and will include the energy system 'diagnostic', counselling, and health and lifestyle advice.

All repeat appointments last 1 hour and are focused on a specific issue that had been identified during your Initial Appointment.

All therapies (unless specified otherwise) are booked via the 'General Appointments' tab.

You can book a 60-minute telephone consultation to discuss any issue, for 'diagnostic', and counselling.

Please note: Energy Rebalancing is not included in the telephone consultation and has to be ordered separately.

Please also note: my diagnostic method is exclusively based on the outcomes of your energy system 'scan' and the knowledge of Naturopathy, Vibrational Medicine, Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda.

I will not 'diagnose' you with any medical issues. This is a domain of medical doctors, so please consult your general practitioner for help with medical diagnoses.

However, I will give you a comprehensive advice on how to approach the treatment of your already diagnosed issues, based on the clues within your energy system. For more information about energy systems, please read the Energy System Rebalancing page within the Therapies Offered menu.

Within your treatment, you will receive both, diet and lifestyle advice. as per the practices of Naturopathy, Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Vibrational Medicine, latest scientific research and all other knowledge and experience I have accumulated over the past decade working with my clients.


Payment Methods

All credit and debit cards (with the possible exception of American Express) are accepted for payment via PayPal, and this method of payment is both preferred and requested in advance of the appointment.

If you are a known/regular client, payment by cash may be accepted upon request under exceptional circumstances.

Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to keep an appointment, I ask that you kindly provide me with at least 24 hours notice. I ask for this advance notice so that I can offer this appointment to another client, should you be unable to attend for any reason.

As you will have paid via PayPal in advance of your original appointment, upon cancellation you will be offered alternative timeslots depending upon availability. Should none of these be to your satisfaction, and you have cancelled with at least 24 hours notice, your payment shall be refunded LESS the initial booking surcharges levied by PayPal (normally 2.5%).

Please feel free to contact me should you have any further questions in this regard.

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