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Frequently Asked Questions

The main aim of my work is to help my clients to return to their optimal state of health as quickly, safely and effectively as possible. I believe in empowering people - enabling them to learn new ways of dealing with and healing their own issues.

My approach to therapy always encompasses body, mind and spirit. Therefore I often use several different modalities and techniques in a single session. The main focus is positive results every time you come here.

People often have questions about aspects of my service, or the techniques used. I will try to address as many of those issues as possible here. If your question is not answered here, however, please contact me, and I'll be happy to help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your first appointment will generally last 90 minutes and include ‘diagnostic’, treatments, and remedies, if applicable. Please see Price page for information on current prices.

This will depend on your condition and how responsive you are. I suggest that 3 is an average number of sessions for any condition. However, people vary, and some only need one appointment, while others come weekly for their maintenance or looking to achieve deeper healing while learning more and more new techniques and approaches.

Yes. You can request a particular therapy modality. Please inform me prior to your session.

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I am NOT able to answer specific health questions via this form. If you have questions about any of my services or would like additional information, please use this form.

If you are looking for specific advice concerning your physical, mental or emotional issues – please call (+44) 7807-290032 to schedule an appointment.

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