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A message to an Empath

A Message to an Empath Being an Empath means you are able to feel, read, and understand people by naturally adjusting to their vibration. You experience an exceptionally high level of compassion towards others – humans, animals, nature – everyone and everything around you. The act is mostly involuntary, deep-seated and natural to you. You resonate with the emotions of others like a tuning fork. Their feelings, their pain, their confusion run right through you.  You feel them within yourself. Even deeply hidden emotions can’t escape your ’empathetic radar’ – you’ll know, sense, feel them, even at a distance. Their…

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The Top 10 Health Benefits of Herbal Teas

What do you look forward to most of all when you wake up in the morning? If you’re like me, a nice hot cup of herbal tea is your answer. I shall assume that you don’t add any sugar, as this will negate whatever benefits you might have derived from this morning ritual. Herbal teas are an amazing solution for anyone trying to live a healthier lifestyle. Herbal teas are made from herbs (obviously!), fruit seeds, or plant roots. The precise chemical composition will depend on which tea you’re drinking, but, generally, these drinks are brimming with antioxidants and other ingredients…

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