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Putting on weight? Coronavirus to blame? Or, maybe, there is something else at play?

Quite a few people have told me that they’ve been putting on weight recently as they found themselves locked-down during this Coronavirus pandemic. Actually, many.

For all obvious reasons, coronavirus situation seems like a legitimate reason, but it’s only an effect, not the cause of our weight troubles, myself including.

Numerologically, the earth has entered year four of its current 9-year cycle. It’s a trough year – a year of consolidation and rest. The earth is resting, consolidating and integrating the changes of the past years and preparing for a new leap.

People, who have also hit a low in their cycle will feel extremely exhausted, needing to consume more energy and preserve as much of it as possible. More food, less movement. It’s mostly a subconscious decision.

Each cycle has pick years (1, 9, 5, 6) and trough (years 4 and 7). Year 4 is the lowest of the deeps, 7 is slightly higher deep. Our World Year Number currently is 4. You calculate it by adding all digits of the number: 2+0+0+2=4. It’s the lowest of the low.

If you are at your pick, it’s great! But if you are around numbers 4 and 7, you’ll need to slow down and calm down your nerves and urges to avoid unnecessary difficulties and mental and physical exhaustion.

To calculate your Personal Number, simply add the digits of the World Year Number (which is 4), the reduced to a 1-digit number of your month and your day of birth. Reduce the result to one digit again.

So, if you were born on 7.02 (Feb 7th) to find out your Personal Year Number add as follows:



Like the planet itself, you are having a trough year. Your energies may be lower than usual, your health is not strong, and things don’t go well for you. You will be among those who may put on weight at this time. So may do those whose Personal Year is 3 and, to a lesser extent, all the neighbouring numbers around 4 and 7.

The good news is we will be rising out of this deep, and most of us will start feeling much stronger already this autumn.

So, hold on, my dearest for a bit longer and the resting period will be over. Now is time for introspection, meditation and rest, including for your mind. I’d say, especially your mind needs rest the most. The restless mind is a dangerous thing for your body at this time, as it will create such dangerous tension in the cells that many systems in the body, especially the immune and the nervous systems, may suffer. Not a good time for this.

The best thing to do now is to follow nature’s course and relax for a bit longer; it will all be all right again, and very soon. Your weight will also go down as quickly as it piled up. Once this period is over, and the world awakes again, so will your body and your will.

Wishing you peace and patience, my friends.

Lots of love to all of you,

Evgeniya (Eugenie)

PS Of course, there may be a host of other reasons you are sluggish, weak and putting on weight. This is only one of the possible natural influences, albeit one observed over hundreds of years, even, millennia. Sages and traditional folks have kept their connection to earth unbroken through many generations, following its natural states. Pythagoras and other scholars introduced mathematical equations for calculating such influences. People used to follow natural cycles and rest and work with the earth. We’ve lost it. Now, we blindly follow our minds against all natural laws. We work when we should rest and needlessly struggle when we should simply accept what is, for a short time.

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