A message to an Empath

A Message to an Empath

Being an Empath means you are able to feel, read, and understand people by naturally adjusting to their vibration. You experience an exceptionally high level of compassion towards others – humans, animals, nature – everyone and everything around you.

The act is mostly involuntary, deep-seated and natural to you. You resonate with the emotions of others like a tuning fork. Their feelings, their pain, their confusion run right through you.  You feel them within yourself. Even deeply hidden emotions can’t escape your ’empathetic radar’ – you’ll know, sense, feel them, even at a distance. Their pain becomes yours, their joy too.

Being an Empath is both a curse and a blessing. You are a born healer, whether you know it or not. You are a peace-maker, a creative person, expressing the immeasurable palette of feelings (yours and others’), you are talented, broad-minded, forgiving, attentive, caring, and loving.

Yet, very often, you get taken advantage of, abused, and hurt. It’s easy to hurt you, because, you feel that you don’t deserve it…because, in your mind, no one deserves to be hurt…because you wouldn’t hurt intentionally. You hurt inside for others because you feel their pain so deeply. You get overwhelmed in public places, by the media, by people’s cruelty, ignorance, narrow-mindedness, and lack of compassion.

People and animals are attracted to you. You draw to yourself the weak and the powerful. Children seek your company – they trust you. Sick, emotionally traumatised, and lost souls looking for your help and company.  Emotionally blocked, unsympathetic, and cold-hearted fly to you like a moth to fire. They need a piece of your colourful emotional pallet – they bask in your warmth, recuperate their energy, restore their own inner peace.


I created this video to start my dialogue with you and share my own and many of my clients’ experiences of living and growing spiritually as an empath. I am a healer and an empath. Until not long ago, like most empaths, I struggled to understand why I seemed so different. I looked for ways to change myself to fit this world, to reduce my pain for others, to ‘toughen up’. Little did I know back then…

Now, I know who I am and I wouldn’t want to change it. Over the past decade, I’ve helped hundreds of people around the world to find themselves, strengthen their minds, uncover and harness their talent, and help others. Now, I’ve decided to offer my help through my videos and reach more people. This is my very first video, and it is my invitation to you to join me in the creation of a community of empathetic people: those who need support and those who are willing to support others.

Please share your thoughts below, subscribe, like and share this video. I much appreciate that you are here. Thank you! Eugenie

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